Avoid this classic rookie fashion mistake

It honestly does not matter how much you know about fashion and how to dress your body; you will always make rookie mistakes. For instance, this weekend I made the classic rookie mistake, so for my first blog post I thought I would write about how even though I am sharing with you tips and fashion ideas, I still make mistakes because I what you would like to call “human”.

I had planned a benefit for one of my sorority sisters for Saturday the 17th, It took me hours upon hours of planning, not to mention all of the donation letters I sent out thinking it was going to go over well…well to my surprise I wasted countless hours planning for a benefit that nobody showed up for. At the end of what would have been a benefit if people came, I decided that to make me feel better, a little retail therapy would do me some good and make me feel better. Classic rookie mistake: Never ever go shopping when you are upset, or on your period. Clothes, although they may be your size and what you usually wear, can be extremely harsh; even though they can’t say anything, they still are. They can make you look horrible and make you think horribly of yourself.

Back to my story, I thought I would go out and get a new work outfit so I could feel confident in myself again. (Corporate attire always makes me feel strong and confident and will always pick me up from whatever low I am in). Unfortunately this time it just did not happen. I was too embarrassed and upset and angry that the pair of Express pants (which are my FAVORITE) that I tried on did not flatter me at all. Your mood can put a filter over your eyes, and that is the mistake a lot of people make. Therefore, when the pants that I wanted to buy did not flatter me like they usually do, I got even angrier and upset.

Therefore, the moral of my story is, when you feel content and happy, that is the perfect time to go shopping. Never go shopping for clothes when you are in a vulnerable state of mind because it truly can make things a lot worse. If you do feel like you need to do some retail therapy when you are vulnerable like that, here is what you should consider doing:

a. Bring a friend who is going to be 100% honest when they see what you are trying on, you may not see yourself as looking dynamite, but they will, but make sure they are not just saying that to make you feel better. Go with someone you trust.

b. If you cannot bring a friend, shop for something else. Get a new purse, or a pair of shoes. (Shoes are my go to when I am truly upset.)

c. Makeup, restock on your favorite makeup when you are upset. You already know what brands and colors you like, makeup shopping is always easy when you know what you’re looking for!

All in all, just make sure that when you are shopping and vulnerable, to not get even more overwhelmed than you already are. It is just not a good idea. The best advice that I can give you is to go home, take a hot shower and grab the closest thing to sweatpants and just relax.


About Rachel

My name is Rachel Boudreau. I am 24 years old and have been blogging for the Bangor Daily News for almost a year. I am a Certified Personal Shopper and a Certified Fashion Stylist. I have always had a complete love and desire for anything fashion. I have recently started studying French fashion, (Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc.) I watch all of the high fashion runway shows every spring and fall. I love shopping for people and picking out clothes for them because I like when people try things they normally would not, that, after all, is how you find new things you like! Happy reading!!!