How to Wear Fur

Winter is closer than you think for us Mainers! While a jacket, hat, gloves and every other article of clothing you own may keep you warm, nothing can warm you up as much as fur can. However, no matter where you go, if you have on a fur, you will be creating some controversy somewhere, however you do not have to wear real fur. Personally, I wear only fake fur.

A lot of people think that fur is not in style anymore…au contraire! Fur has been in an a multitude of fashion shows in the past 3 years, including Prada for their Spring ’11 show, Oscar de la Renta, Peter Som and L’Wren Scott in the Fall/Winter ’12, and then back again with Prada and Miu Miu for the Spring ’13. Therefore, fur is not dead (pun intended?)

Fur can be easily taken from classy to trashy if you do not wear it right, therefore you have to find that line and make sure not to cross it.

Leopard Scarf from

If you find a fur in a print (leopard print), do not go overboard with that print. Keep the rest of your outfit clear of any prints and wear solids underneath the garment.

Fur coat over a neutral black dress

Moderation is key! Just like with the print, if you have a fur collar around a jacket, do not have a fur bag or a fur scarf. Keep the fur to a minimum, especially if you are wearing real fur, a lot of people are very sensitive about knowing that you are wearing a whole animal around your neck.

Fur vest

If you are looking for a happy medium between a big fur coat, and a small fur scarf, I would recommend a fur vest. Whether you wear it over a white shirt in the spring time, or underneath your jacket in the winter time, the fur will add interesting texture to your outfit. I would suggest a neutral color for the vest if you are looking to pair it with a jacket or just wearing it over a shirt. Simple is usually better.

Quality fur

Look for quality in fur, whether it be faux or real you need to find quality looking fur. If you are trying fur for the first time and you buy awful looking fur, you will not be able to pull it off and you will be turned off of fur forever. Therefore look for quality pieces.


As I always say! Your clothes are an investment, everyone needs clothes so make sure when you are looking for pieces, you splurge a bit to get quality or else you will be spending more having to repurchase cheaper items!


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