Cat Eye with Liquid Eyeliner

Have you ever thought about the sheer amount of eye liners there are?

If not, think about it…

Liquid, pencil, crayon, gel…just to name a few…I am sure there are more out there, but those are the 4 top ones.

Not to mention, every single cosmetics company has an eyeliner in each of the different kinds, and all of the colors under the sun.

A lot of women do not like liquid eyeliner because they either do not have a steady hand or they just cant get the right look.

Avant-Garde cat eye

Avant-Garde cat eye

Well let me discuss with you how I do my cat eye with liquid eyeliner:

First, I use 2 different kinds of eyeliner, on the top, I use black (always black) liquid liner, and on the bottom, I use a gel pencil eyeliner.

Second: I do my normal cosmetics routine (foundation, bronzer, eye shadow, and then it is time for liner, followed by mascara and lips). I do the top liner first. I use Femme Couture liquid liner in jet black. I start at the inner corner of my eye and start my line. I like a fairly thick line because I have a cat eye, everyday, all day, no matter what is going on. So I start at the inner corner of the eye and I make a steady line to the middle of my lash line. I do not go further than that on the first stroke. The smaller the strokes, the less likely you are to mess up. I then start a little bit before the end of my first line and continue to end of my top lid where it meets the bottom lid. People who do not have a cat eye, your job is finished. If you want a thicker line than the brush gives you, redo this process but move your brush up a little and you will get a thicker line.

Third: To make my cat eye I start about 1/4 inch from the outside corner of my eye, where it meets my bottom lid and start my line and make a swift movement out. You want it to look natural therefore you need to make sure it is a swift natural movement of your hand and brush, if not, it will look bad and you will have to do this step over again.

Fourth: after you have the cat eye you desire, it is time for the bottom liner. If you do not wear bottom liner, your job, once again, is done here, but for those of us who do, here is what I do. I DO NOT use liquid liner for the bottom line…I do not like the way it looks, and it tends not to last as long, so I use a gel pencil; I apply it just like everyone else, however when you have a cat eye you need to make sure the bottom liner connects to the top liner on the outside corner of your eye, if not, you will have a white or tan gap which will be very noticeable.

Kim Kardashian Cat Eye

Kim Kardashian Cat Eye

I hope this helps a few people!

If you need additional help, definitely look at YouTube, there are SO many tutorials!

Also, do not get frustrated when you do not get it perfect the first time, trust me, I have been doing this for years, and I still have a day where I look at the line I just made and thought to myself “what just happened?!”

Good Luck!


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