Womens Guide to Football Attire

Female Patriots Fans

Female Patriots Fans

It is the start of football season! For most women, your first reaction is, “so?”, but most men are all rallied up. For men, football season means football parties, food, beer, fantasy football, and friends. If you have a boyfriend who loves football, you will probably be tagging along with him to the parties or the bar to watch the game; while you might not understand the game, that does not mean you cannot look good trying!

    This week I went out and polled three normal, sports loving men. Ian Barlow, Brian Longfellow, and Colin Wagner.

I asked them all the same questions, all phrased the same. Some of these answers might astonish you!

Question 1: If you are either casually dating a girl or in a relationship with her, would you appreciate if she wore a football shirt or jersey even though she does not understand the game?

All the men answered “yes” but according to Ian, “I would love a girl who rocks a football jersey, regardless of her understanding of the game because it shows A) if she doesn’t understand the game, she appreciates my love and understanding of the game and B) if she does love the game, than that’s an instant game-winner and ‘wifey-material’”.

Question 2: You and your “bros” walk into a bar and see a group of girls wearing football jerseys, jeans, high heels, hair and makeup done. Do you think they are trying too hard, think its awesome or would rather them be casual and more natural?

Once again, all men said it is okay, however Colin added, “I am a fan of girls who don’t try too hard. Ian added, “It’s a pretty big turn on to see a hot girl done-up and appreciating of sports but I’m not trying to see any female clowns in sports jerseys though!”.

Question 3: What is the perfect outfit a woman can wear on football Sunday (or Monday)?

According to Brian:  “She doesn’t need to be dressed up or anything. A girl who can be one of the guys once and a while is nice, but not all the time”.

Ian stated: “Essentially there is no ‘perfect outfit’ in my book; the outfit itself doesn’t really matter, it’s the girl in the outfit…but it doesn’t hurt for her to root for the Eagles!”

Lastly, Colin added his favorite outfit a girl can wear on football Sunday is a Tom Brady jersey and jeans.

So ladies, while football might not be your favorite sport, your boyfriend or the guy you have been eyeing, loves it. Do not over kill your outfit! Casual is usually better. Wear a nice pair of jeans with a tee-shirt or jersey. Do not look like you are trying too hard.

Here is my go to outfit for a Sunday football game. Get your team jersey or tee-shirt, a pair of dark jeans and a pair of pumps (watch out for the colors!).  Take it easy with your hair and makeup. Guys will appreciate that you are attempting to take an interest in one of their interests, and who knows, you might actually fall in love with the game!

Here are a few examples of some cute football Sunday outfits!

Outfit for football season

Outfit for football season


Outfit for football season

Outfit for football season


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