How Does Fashion Week Work?

A lot of people often wonder how fashion weeks work…it is a valid question! Not a lot of people know how they work…so let me break it down for you. There are basically always a fashion show going on…however there is the major four fashion weeks that most people follow:

1. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (NYC)

2. London Fashion Week

3. Milan Fashion Week

4. Paris Fashion Week

Runway for Fashion Week

Runway for Fashion Week

Designers create four major collections throughout the year.

1. Spring/Summer

2. Ready to Wear (RTW)

3. Fall/Winter

4. Haut Couture (high fashion, basically avant garde)

Of course, deigners do create other collections including swim, accessories, resort-wear, and active-wear, however they are not always shown in the major fashion weeks, however, it depends on the designer.

So you would think that designers would show their spring/summer collection in the spring and fall/winder collections in the fall. Well you would br wrong. Spring/Summer collections are shown in September and October, and Fall/Winter collections are shown in February and March. Why you ask? Well unfortunately the best thing I can do for you is guess until I do some more research and find out the answer; however I am going to guess that people should understand what styles are “in” before people do a wardrobe “face-lift” between the spring/summer and fall/winter. Is that the reason? I am not sure, but if I find out a credible reason, I will let you know.

Between the two major shows of Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer, designers show their Ready to Wear (RTW) collections so they are always creating something for stores like Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barnies and other large department stores.

Keep in mind, if you are watching these shows, none of these looks are ready to wear. They are called avant garde which is a french term for “forefront” meaning that they are supposed to be outrageous to make buyers remember their looks. After all the fashion weeks are done, the designers make edits to their collection to make their whole collection ready to wear. The haut couture fashion shows are a little bit more outrageous than regular spring/summer and fall/winter collections.

Fashion is certainly something you need to study, but when you understand it, you become to love it!


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