What is Tophatter?

Have you heard about Tophatter yet?

If you have and are unsure about it, let me help you…if you do not know what it is, I will again, help you!

I am currently OBSESSED with this app (also a website, I will link it below.)

*Disclaimer 1* I am doing this blog solely for information; I was not asked to write about this app/site by anyone working or the owners of Tophatter, and I am getting nothing in return, I am only reviewing a great app.

*Disclaimer 2* I am writing this review as a bidder…NOT a seller and can therefore not explain or comment on the selling aspects.

So Tophatter. First of all, it is an auction app/website. I currently have it on my iPhone, however I know some people where they use their other mobile devices (iPad, tablet) and I know some people who use their laptop and desktop. So if you do not have any mobile devices, please do not think that this service is not attainable for you.

Tophatter Logo

Tophatter Logo

You can find SO many items in these auctions. Let me give you a rundown of a few things I have won:

2 authentic Michael Kors purses new with tags, 8 piece bed set, tabletop fountain, scarves, brand new makeup pallets and mineral powder eye shadow, skin care items (unopened) makeup brushes, Michael Kors new with tags authentic 100% Silk tie, and jewelry. 

I could keep going, but I will not bore you with my treasures.

How do you get started? First you have to sign up for the site/app. Once you have done that, you are ready to bid on items!

There are usually multiple auctions going on at a time, they are categorized by what is being auctioned off, for example, *Beauty Diva Blowout* is one of the more popular names of the auction, it will have things like makeup, hair care, etc.


How do I bid? Each item has a description of what is being sold. Make sure that you look at the description of what is being sold, as with anything else you buy on the internet, Amazon and EBay, etc.

The Auction Room

The Auction Room

If you like something that is being auctioned off currently, start bidding. Click the Bid button and it will ask you to confirm you want to place a bid. (When you win 5 or more items, (I think it is 5) they will allow you to do one-click bidding.) If you find something that you want to bid on, but it will not be up for auction for a little while, you can set a reminder and Tophatter will tell you when it is the next item to be auctioned, or sometimes, you are allowed to buy it before it goes to auction.

What do they have in these auctions? I have seen everything from bedding, sheets, towels, home decor, outside decor, makeup, iPads, cellphones, fashion (scarves, purses, jackets, etc.) jewelry, misc. electronics (headphones, waterproof shower speakers, cell phone cases, etc) Vera Bradley bags and wallets, beauty and wellness (skin care), Fragrances ( I have seen D&G, Gucci and Oscar de la Renta) Victorias Secret Pink collection items, craft supplies (beads etc.)

What else should I know? The auctions are immediate, you know within minutes if you won. There is an auctioneer in ever auction room, they give you a play by play with who is bidding, how much the latest bid is, and if you are the last to bid, and they ask twice if anyone else wants to bid, it will say “sold to (persons name)” And it will tell you that you won! You will then have 24 hours to pay for your item.

I am 90% sure, they do not ship overseas.

All of the items I have won, came with a tracking number and you can track it straight from the app/site.

There is a message center in the app, so if you win something and you have a question or concern about it, you can send a direct message to the seller.

How Expensive is it? Hard to say! It depends on who is in the auction room, what you are bidding on (both of my Michael Kors bags were above 100.00, however, when you think about it, they retail for upwards of 200-400.) Purses such as Michael Kors and Coach, and electronics are going to be the most expensive…however, I have gotten a nail art set for 2 dollars, and that included shipping! So it really is dependent if other people want what you are bidding on and what it is. They have specific auction rooms for free shipping, and specific rooms for auctions that start at $1.00

Coach Bag for Auction

Coach Bag for Auction

In the picture above, you can see where you can set a reminder, how many people have set a reminder for it, you can see that is it New with Tags, and that if you want, you can purchase it now for 190.00.

For example: I won an 8 piece bed set on there. the bidding started at 35 dollars, and I was the only one to bid on it, I paid a total of 42 dollars to have it shipped to me, and it is gorgeous! This is what it looks like in my condo!

Bedspread from Tophatter

bedspread from Tophatter

Customer Service? Every experience I have had with the sellers have been AMAZING. You leave feedback on their products and negative reviews reflect badly on them, and therefore, they will go out of their way to make sure you leave a positive review. Here are a few examples:

I won on an auction a set of 48 nail art bottles. I was upset because 3 of the 48 bottles were empty. (I bought it for 5$ and it was free shipping, so 45 bottles is not going to kill me…) So I left my honest review that when it came in, I only got 45 full bottles and not 48…the seller refunded me 50% of the price because it was not exactly as stated in the description. I then changed my feedback to state that the seller went above and beyond to make me happy. Everyone won.

Another example, last week, I won a Vivo Per Lei mask, (I will be doing a review on that product as well soon because it is amazing). Well I won a Vivo Per Lei mask on Tophatter, and when it came in, it was the consistency of milk. So I messaged the seller immediately to tell her what happened and that I would like either a refund of the price I paid, plus the shipping, or that I would like a second one sent to me, at no additional cost. The seller told me that she was going to put another one in the mail and to tell her how this one came out, and if this one does not work, she will refund me 100%.

The sellers are very kind and go out of their way to help you so they can get positive reviews.

*Disclaimer 3* As with any auction, make sure that you know what you are buying. I have not come across this problem with Tophatter, yet, and I have been using it for a little over 6 months, but make sure you know what you are bidding on. Both of my Michael Kors bags and the 1 tie were authentic, I am unable to say with any certainty that EVERY SINGLE ONE is authentic, however, Tophatter guarantees that everything is authentic and if there is any question to its authenticity, you can contact Tophatter and open a case, be prepared you will have to prove it. To make a long story short, be wise when you are bidding, just because my bags were authentic, does not mean I know every other one is authentic also.

All in all, I absolutely love this app/website! I recommend it to A LOT of people!!!! In light of the Christmas season coming up, maybe you can score some awesome bargains!!!!

Happy bidding! Here is the link to Tophatter


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