Fashion Confession: What Do Women Carry In Their Purse?

I thought this week I would do a quick confession. I am a hoarder…my hoard is in my purse. But to be fair to me, a woman’s purse is the source of all of her powers…we are the carrier of EVERYTHING. You never know when you might need something random, so having random things in your purse can sometimes be very beneficial.

I thought I would enlighten all of my male readers.

Men do not understand why we need purses and question why we always carry one around. They hate it until they need us to hold some big bulky thing (like a sweatshirt) and we just plop it in our beach bag size purse.

Women need purses, where else are we going to carry our stuff? We do not have deep pockets like men; quite the contrary, sometimes we have no pockets at ALL!

Men: Have you ever looked inside your wife’s, sister’s, mother’s, girlfriend’s purse? Let me give you an idea. Here are all of the things that I currently have in my purse.

Purse: 2013 Michael Kors Jet Setter monogram tote bought from Macys 

  1. Wallet
  2. Car keys
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Passport
  5. Dunkin Donuts koozie (got to keep my ice coffee cold!)
  6. Jar of applesauce (a big jar…)
  7. Bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing
  8. Dior lipstick
  9. 3 cocktail rings
  10. 2 bracelets
  11. 4 pairs of earrings
  12. Dior perfume
  13. Deodorant
  14. Pads/tampons
  15. 12 pens/pencils
  16. 7 hair elastics
  17. 1 dryer sheet (to keep everything smelling good…)
  18. 25 bobbypins
  19. 75 cents in loose change
  20. Toothpick
  21. Headphones
  22. Hand sanitizer
  23. Q-tip
  24. Advil
  25. .18 euro
  26. Bag of wintergreen mints
  27. Tissues
  28. Sand (no idea…it just falls to the bottom of my purse.)
  29. 4 semi used chapstick’s, all different flavors

ALL of that is in my purse. I also am able to explain each and every one of the items but I will not put you through all that.

So you all must be thinking that I am the weirdest woman on the face of the earth…who carries applesauce around in their purse? Well ladies and gentlemen…I am not the worst offender. I asked a few of my friends what the weirdest thing they have ever found in their purse. Prepare to be amazed!

  1. Dead flies
  2. Change from another country in which you have never been
  3. A clementine that is so old it turned into a rock sediment
  4. Fully unraveled tampon (not used) that came apart inside the purse
  5. Random rocks
  6. Panties (not owned by the owner of the purse)
  7. Beavers front foot
  8. Hand grenade without the pin (it was a replica and husband played a joke…)
  9. Deer call

So as you can see men, women need their bags for all sorts of reasons. Where else are we going to put our hand grenades and beavers feet?

Women are all hoarders in some aspect of our life…most of us, just with our purses!

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