Cat Eye with Liquid Eyeliner

Have you ever thought about the sheer amount of eye liners there are? If not, think about it… Liquid, pencil, crayon, gel…just to name a few…I am sure there are more out there, but those are the 4 top ones. Not to mention, every single cosmetics company has an eyeliner in each of the different […]

France Fashion

I have been reading in the news and my family and friends Facebook posts that is it cold in New England…Well here in Normandy, France, it has been 50 degrees and raining…for about 3 weeks….straight. Although, I will take this rain before snow any day. But this is not a weather blog, this is a […]

I am in France

Hello followers!!! I apologize for not blogging much this month since this month I took a HUUUUUUUUGE step in my life…I graduated from college, *hopefully…I’m still waiting for my grades* and I am now living in France for a year, as a nanny for a family in the province of Normandy, in a little town […]

Men’s Fashion for Winter

So I know that I am a woman and that I know how to dress, and understand woman’s fashion, however, I am a heterosexual woman and I know what looks good on men, in my own opinion. Women, just like men, have their own styles that they are attracted to when it comes to the apparel […]

How to Wear Winter White and Monochromatic Outfits

Winter is coming! Snow is about to fall…lucky us! For most people, its time to take out the dark colors of black, grey, navy and brown. However there is a color people forget about! Winter White! Pulling off a monochromatic winter white ensemble is the tricky part, especially for us, being the most northern state, […]

What Should You Wear to a Job Interview?

I personally pride myself in having a 87% success rate in interviews. When I go into an interview, 87% of the time, I am offered the job, or am asked to come back for a second interview; is this because of my resume and my qualifications, or is it because of my professional attire? I […]

How to Wear Fur

Winter is closer than you think for us Mainers! While a jacket, hat, gloves and every other article of clothing you own may keep you warm, nothing can warm you up as much as fur can. However, no matter where you go, if you have on a fur, you will be creating some controversy somewhere, […]

Style Tips 101

Personal style is (for most people) extremely hard to figure out. With all of the runway shows that are showing you what is going to be in style next season; then there are the smaller companies that you can buy at J.C Penny, Sears, etc. Plus there are stores like Hollister, Abercrombie, American Eagle and Aeropostale. You could […]

Winter Is Coming, What Hat Is Going To Flatter Your Face?

My personal style changes more than it should. Every week I have an obsession with something different; whether it be bracelets, earrings, rings, scarves, or literally anything else you can think to put on your body that provides some self-expression. This week it is all about hats! I only own a few hats mostly because my permanent […]

What Do Your Eyebrows Say About You?

I recently read an article about what your eyebrows say about your personality and mentality and I thought that it was INCREDIBLY insightful! Most eyebrows do not exactly match each other: In this case, the left eyebrow = personal life, while the right eyebrow = our external world. I know women pluck or wax their […]