Shoulder Pads are Coming Back?!


90’s fashions have been rising over the past six months or so; neon, oversized sweatshirts over leggings (which I detest, I will blog about those reasons later.) and now shoulder pads.

Most people think of the 80’s shoulder pads that make women look like a football player; for example, Angela from Who’s the Boss? She rocked the 80’s shoulder pads like nobody I have ever seen!

Angela from Who’s the Boss?

Luckily for all of you, those shoulder pads are not really coming back, however, a subtle shoulder pad is coming back in a big way!

1980’s style shoulder pads – Do not do this!

In the past six months, I have bought maybe three suit blazers (I have an addiction….I know….) and their shoulder pads have been getting increasingly bigger. Are they outrageous? No. But does it add a little lift to the shoulders, absolutely.

Shoulder pads made their entrance into women’s fashion in the 30’s and 40’s. Shoulder pads give the figure a more “boxy” shape. This lost its appeal in the 20th century when people started to wear more fitted clothing. Shoulder pads were also added to women’s fashion to deemphasize the hips. (Which is A-Okay in my book!)

Rounded subtle shoulder pad

Some people also say that shoulder pads gave women a greater sense of confidence because they were portrayed as strong because shoulder pads gave the illusion of bigger, stronger shoulders; is that a true reason? I can understand that, but I cannot say for certain.

In the 50’s, shoulder pads were changed to a more rounded style instead of a more boxy shoulder pad. Which is what is coming back, the rounded shoulder pads, so do not take out your 30’s box shoulder pads!

On the runway, you will be seeing many shoulder pads that are pointed upwards, which will give the illusion of being taller because it brings the eye upward; it is like wearing a pointed stiletto.

Dramatic shoulder pad

Most body shapes can hold a subtle shoulder pad, just do not go as far as Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga!

Nicki Minaj shoulder pads


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